Although I'm hoping to offer more in the future, currently each month I make 2-3 dolls to list for sale.  I don't have to a set upload schedule, so that creating each doll can take just as much time as needed.   When each doll ready to find it’s new home, I post preview photos, along with a description, pricing, listing date and time on my Facebook page as well as here on my blog.    I’ve had many people comment that they don’t see my Facebook posts and have missed the chance at dolls because of that, so I’m hoping that by keeping the blog, which offers the option to receive e-mail notifications of blog posts, it might help with that problem.  Because I’ve been very blessed to have many families wanting to give my dolls a home, they can sell out very quickly.  To try and offer everyone a chance to purchase a doll, I use several different types of listings to sell them.

Below you'll find helpful information on the most common ways that dolls are listed.

A regular upload is when a doll is uploaded directly into my Hyena Cart shop and the doll is purchased by the first person to cart and pay for it.  I generally always announce the date and time of regular uploads in advance.  These uploads tend to go very quickly, so it’s best to have the page up and to start refreshing it right at the designated listing time.  Upload dolls are open to everyone and there are no limits on how many can be purchased.

These types of listings are intended to give everyone an equal chance to bring a Millie’s Dollhouse doll home, especially those who don’t have a fast enough internet connection for regular uploads.   For comment style, I’ll post a photo and details in advance on my blog and Facebook and anyone interested in purchasing can leave a comment on the photo at the designated time.  A name is selected randomly and that person has the option to purchase within 24 hours. 

Raffle style listings on HyenaCart are very similar, except that you’ll need to create a Hyena Cart account first (it just takes a minute and can be done here) and then enter into the drawing for the doll via the listing in my Hyena Cart shop.  Hyena Cart randomly selects one of the entries to purchase and announces it on the listing and by e-mail.  

For comment and raffle listings, I kindly ask that you please only enter if you are purchasing the doll for yourself, and not helping someone else or “angeling” as comment style listings are meant to give everyone the same chance.  I also ask that you limit entries to just one per family. 

I will occasionally offer a doll for sale via auction.  Auction details will be posted with the doll’s preview pictures on my Facebook page and my blog in advance.

All of my listings are in Eastern time.  For those in other timezones, you can check what current Eastern time is here.  All items must be shipped to the address you have designated on your PayPal account.  I ship USPS Priority mail.

It’s such a wonderful feeling to see so many families excited to bring natural, handmade toys into their children’s lives.  With each doll being a unique, handmade creation that takes over 12 hours to create, unfortunately there tends to be more demand than there are dolls.  Please know that while it may take a few tries, practice and patience help greatly and the perfect doll will surely find it’s way to your family in time.

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